Leveraging Advanced Smart Systems Technologies with private funding and entrepreneurship

Leveraging Advanced Smart Systems Technologies with private funding and entrepreneurship


European SMEs especially active in high tech fields like smart systems and ICT face major challenges to compete in an international fast growing environment. In order to reach and maintain a certain growth pace these companies need to innovate and develop new projects continuously.

Such developments require funding. There are different sources of funding: grants, subsidies, bank loans, private financing... Opportunities depend on projects and companies’ maturity. Most of early stage companies are looking for private investors to support their growth. It can be a very challenging step and period to ensure the continued existence of the company.

COWIN is supporting companies and entrepreneurs to be in contact with investors and to consider possible collaborations. Indeed private financing should not be considered only as financial resources but as a new strategic partnership dedicated to make the company reaches well-defined objectives in a win win approach. Before entering in discussion with private investors it is important to understand that private investors are willing to achieve a Return On Investment as a counterpart of the risk they are taking by supporting an emerging company.

COWIN is facilitating access to private financing through the following support:

  • Validating business case and business plan
    In order to get prepared to meet and negotiate with private investors it is really important to have a clear and well-defined Business Plan. COWIN will support you in highlighting the uniqueness and value of your project. We will also introduce you VCs expectations in terms of maturity, industrial sector targeted, managing team and exit strategy.
    A specific webinar will be dedicated to this action.
  • Facilitated access to private investors
    COWIN works in collaboration with major European VCs. A Working Group composed by VCs is indeed dedicated to define the best strategy to support innovation in Europe. One of the objectives is to propose solution to the European Commission to enhance private investment in Europe especially in the hardware ICT fields and smart systems.


We already facilitates access to this group of VCs to 10 selected companies in the context of the COWIN Investment Place hold in October 2013.

COWIN provided individual support and expertise to the start-ups and SMEs participant to the event to strengthen their business plan and to make them ready to interact and negotiate with private investors.

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