COWIN Entrepreneurship

COWIN Entrepreneurship

If you are driven by the challenge of creating a successful business, you should definitely have a closer look at opportunities in smart systems !

An article from MEMS Trends, powered by Yole Developpement gives insight into the Smart Systems Market. Please feel free to consult and download it here.

COWIN Investment place: Meet with venture capitalists engaged into COWIN activities to support entrepreneurs in Smart Systems. On October 10th, at Brussels, Belgium. More information here.

More information on private funding and entrepreneurship here

Take the advantage of COWIN services to gain in time and efficiency to build your company success story.

In the context of this European action, we offer you facilitated access to technologies with key differentiation and validated business case.

Our portfolio of technologies is built among more than 130 European research projects. Our “Entrepreneurs pack” includes also facilitated access to customers, and to public and private investors. More than 300 industrials have expressed us their needs in smart systems applicative markets. About 20 European VCs engaged into our initiative.


  COWIN services dedicated to start‐ups, SMEs & entrepreneurs*

COWIN is supporting companies and entrepreneurs to accelerate the development of their projects. COWIN will support you to get in contact with investors and industrial partners to consider potential collaborations.

Depending on the maturity of your project, COWIN will offer you strategic advices and operational actions that correspond to your specific needs.

COWIN services

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COWIN experts will support you to accelerate the growth of your company.

COWIN services include the initiation of industrial partnerships: customers, manufacturing partners,suppliers. Indeed COWIN has a great network of industrials willing to value the smart systems technologies.

In order to finance the development of your company you might consider private financing.

COWIN is facilitating access to private financing through the following support:

 -  Validation of business case and business plan:

COWIN will support you in highlighting the uniqueness and value of your project. We will also introduce to you VCs’ expectations in terms of maturity, industrial sector targeted, investment strategy, managing team and exit strategy.

 -  Facilitated access to private investors:

COWIN is working in collaboration with major European VCs. A COWIN working group composed by VCs is indeed dedicated to define the best strategy to support innovation in Europe. One of the objectives is to propose solutions to the European Commission to enhance private investment in Europe especially in the hardware ICT fields and smart systems.

We will facilitate your access to this group of VCs in the context of a webinar to be held in September 2013 and during the COWIN investment place to be held on October 10th, 2013.

Contact Christophe Blanc ( now for more information!

* Through projects supported by the European Commission (linked with FP6 and/or FP7)