Find advanced technologies

Find advanced technologies

One goal of COWIN is to map projects with focus on micro- and smart systems funded under the FP6 and FP7 programmes of the European Commission in order to identify the results of these projects having a high potential for commercial exploitation, to disseminate these results (Gold Nuggets) towards areas of applications that could benefit from the introduction of Smart Systems solutions and to help at exploiting them in a bankable way.

After the analysis of over 90 projects, COWIN categorised the innovative results into 8 portfolio, related to functions of Smart Systems for specific applications. A catalogue of these "Gold Nuggets" of the European collective research on Miniaturised Smart systems is now available.

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The criteria for "upgrading" a research result to a Gold Nugget can be resumed as:

  • Technical innovation grade
  • IP status
  • Uniqueness / advantage compared to the competitive technologies
  • Adequation with industrial applications
  • Maturity of the technology
  • Market relevance and potentials

All these criteria have been checked in-depth by COWIN experts in order to offer you reliable, efficient, usable and profitable technologies.

An overview of the assessed projects is available on this page.