More about COWIN

More about COWIN

COWIN is a support action to strengthen the European competitiveness in miniaturized smart systems. This initiative is dedicated to commercial exploitation of advanced technologies coming from collaborative European research work.

COWIN is supporting research projects partners with individual support to leverage the value of their work and to reach maturity for further investment. COWIN provides also access to their innovation network to identify best of best partners.

COWIN is also a key tool for industrial companies willing to capture innovation in smart systems. As a new seamless on demand information process, COWIN makes possible to extract gold nuggets from the collaborative European R&D, explore new opportunities and gain in lead time.

In facilitating interaction between public and private investment in Europe, COWIN also contributes to innovation take-up. COWIN is a screening process tool for private investors willing to identify added-value technologies and spin-off from world class European research centers.

Matchmakers between technology providers, users and investors to turn R&D into commercial success, COWIN partners benefit of experience and track record in innovation commercialization.

COWIN partners are combining their technical and market expertise to make emerge business and investment opportunities. They share their unique innovation network composed of all stakeholders in smart systems including public and private investors, Eureka community and network, regulatory bodies, end-users communities, industrial and academic. COWIN is also supported by large organizations including EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart System Integration.

COWIN partners concentrate their efforts to reach concrete results in bridging the gap to market. COWIN overall objective is that new products based on European R&D research become commercially available.